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Schedule at a Glance

THURSDAY, June 13 18:00 - 20:00 Reception & Registration Dry Creek Foyer
June 14
08:00 Registration Dry Creek Foyer
  08:55 Opening Remarks Dry Creek Valley Ballroom

An overview of PET radiometal production (Suzanne Lapi, Washington Univ.)

  09:45 Solid-metal targetry on a GE PET trace for the production of high-valent metal radionuclides (Jason Holland, Massachusetts General Hospital)  
  10:03 89Zr production with solution target: Seeking alternatives to oxalic acid in final product (Timothy DeGrado, Mayo Clinic)  
  10:21 Automated module for the separation of radiometals (Hector Valdovinos, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)  
  10:39 --- COFFEE BREAK ---  
  10:59 72As for ImmunoPET: production, isolation, labeling condisions (Paul Ellison, Dept. of Medical physics, Univ. of Wisconsin)  
  11:17 Automated systems for the large-scale production of 64Cu and 89Zr radioisotopes (Evelyn Madrid, Wash. Univ. Medical School)  
  11:35 Isolation of the Auger Emitter Ebium-165 (Gregory Severin, Univ. Denmark)  
  11:43 Distribution of the radionuclides 64Cu, 89Zr, 76BR and 86Y in NOrth America: an academic center's perspective (Tom Voller, Wash. Univ)  
  12:00 An automated module for remote separation of 86Y from a 86SrO powder target (A. Lake Wooten, Wash. Univ School of Medicine/Wash University St. Louis)  
  12:18 Producing radiometals in solution targets (Corneila Hoehr, TRIUMF)  
  12:36 --- LUNCH ---  
  13:30 Imaging Biomarkers (Jason Lewis)  
  14:15 Targeting the L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1) wth ZR-89 ImmunoPET (Oluwatayo (Tayo) Ikotun, Wash. Univ. School of Medicine)  
  14:33 Molecular imaging of multiple myeloma (Monica Shokeen, Washington University)  
  14:51 Exploring a pretargeted approach for imaging hyperactivated metabolism in breast cancer (Nerissa Viola-Villegas, MSKCC)  
  15:10 Active urokinase plasminogen activator in castration-resistant prostate cancer with an internalizing antagonistic human antibody (Aaron Lebeau)  
  15:28 --- COFFEE BREAK ---  
  15:48 Symthesis and in vivo evaluation of 64Cu-CB-TE1A1-PEG28-A20FMDV2 an alpha-nu-Beta6 (Lina Hu)  
  16:06 Development of a radiolabeled irreversible peptide (RIP) as a PET imaging agent for vascular endothelial growth factor (Bernadette Marquez, Wash. Univ. School of Medicine)  
  16:24 The neurotensin analogue Ac-K(NOTA)-P-NMeArg-RPY-TLe-L for PET imaging and therapy of NT expressing cancer cell lines (Efrem Mebrahtu, Wash. Univ. school of medicine)  
SATURDAY, June 15 08:00 --- REGISTRATION --- Dry Creek Foyer
  09:00 Connecting pathology, fluorescence microsopy and molecular imaging and therapy through advances in coordinaton chemistry (John Valliant) Dry Creek Ballroom
  09:45 99mTc-pertechnetate manufacturng using a medium-energy cyclotron: from target irradiation to quality control (Svetlana Selivanova, Univ. de Sherbrooke)  
  10:03 Cyclotron produced Tc-99m from Mo (II) compounds (S. Louis Medical School)  
  10:21 --- COFFEE BREAK ---  
  10:40 Nanoscale production of molybdenum-99: parasitic neutron irradiation and chemical partitioning of Uranyl sulfate solutions (Paul Ellison, Univ. of Wisconsin)  
  10:58 99Mo/99mTc supply - current status, update and path forward (Paul Schaffer, TRIUMF)  
  11:16 --- DIRECTED DISCUSSIONS ---  
  12:16 --- LUNCH / SOCIAL EVENT (WINE TOUR) ---  
June 16
08:30 Metal building blocks for target-specific delivery of radition (Isabel Santos, Ciencias Radiofarmaceuticas) Dry Creek Ballroom
  09:15 Pycup - a new cage-like chelate for the coordination of Cu radioisotopes (Eszter Boros, Mass. Gen. Hospital/ Harvard Medical School)  
  09:33 Nitroimidazole derivatives of an acyclic chelator as potential PET imaging agents of Hypoxia using Ga-68 (Caterina F. Ramogida, UBC/TRIUMF)  
  09:51 Tales from the crypt - adventures with sarcophagine chelators (Alan Packard, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School)  
  10:09 Purification, characterization and radiolabelling of radiometals (94mTc, 44Sc) obtained from liquid targets (Elisabeth Oehlke, TRIUMF)  
  10:27 --- COFFEE BREAK ---  
  10:50 Target preparation and yield measurements for the natCr(p,n)52Mn reaction for proton energies <15 MeV (A. Lake Wooten, Wash. Univ. School of Medicine & Wash. Univ. in St. Louis)  
  11:08 Cyclotron produced Ga-66/68 with thermal diffusion-assisted bulk separation and AG50W-X8/UTEVA purificaton (Jonathan Siikanen, Lund Univ. Sweden)  
  11:26 Production, separation and labeling of Ti-45 (Jonathan Siikanen, Lund Univ. Sweden)  
  11:44 AG-111: A radiotracer for the chemistry and biochemistry of silver antimicrobials (Tolulope Aweda, Washington Univ. School of Medicine)  
  12:02 Transition metal ion chromatography to measure true specific activity of 64Cu (Tara Mastren, Wash. Univ. in St. Louis)  
  12:20 Production and alpications of high-specific activity Sn-117 labelled compounds (Nigel Stevenson)  
  12:38 ---CLOSING REMARKS---